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History of Nations

Abraham's Legacy


The History of Religion

Follow the history and diversification of religion from Adam to the modern day.

Many of the arguments and discussions concerning the origin and age of the world are based on false premises. Some of these arguments are examined in the paper Creation versus Evolution (No. B9)

There are two main threads that religions have followed. From Noah we see a subdivision into these two groups; The line of Shem and the Priesthood and the line of Nimrod and the Babylonians. The basis of the Babylonian system was Animism and from there the Mystery Cults developed.

We will see that these Mystery Cults started or penetrated and enveloped the majority of existing religions. Babylon was responsible for the spread of Mysticism and false religion to all parts of the world. It penetrated the religions of the sons of Noah and also the descendants of Abraham. It corrupted the Nations and even entered the Temple System using false traditions and created sects in Palestine. Its traditions corrupted Judaism with the Mishnah and the Talmud.

The Mother Goddess religion of Babylon and ancestor worship entered India. From there Animism, ancestor worship and Asceticism resulted in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Gnosticism and the Mystery Cults corrupted the Church resulting in Trinitarianism and Catholicism, and some Unitarian systems and then corrupted Islam with the traditions of the Hadith after the four "rightly guided Caliphs". 

The common starting point and theology at Babylon is traced through all the religions of the world. 

Information is also included on lesser-known religions that stemmed from the Sun System of Babylon and the Mystery Cults along with Paganism and others. We will follow the spread into China and Japan and into the Americas and the Pacific.

Finally we will see what the end of it all is to be in the very near future.

The Birth of Religion

Genealogy of the Patriarchs

Cain and the False System

Shem Nimrod, Babylon and Animism
Abraham The Sun and Mystery Cults
Isaac and Jacob The Mother Goddess and Mysticism
Moses Paganism
Israel and the Judges Baal and Ashtoreth
The Temple System Eastern Animism turned to Hinduism
  Jainism and Buddhism
  Asian Religious Development in the Far East
  Religious Development in South East Asia
  Spread of the Babylonian System
  Heresy in Israel and Samaritanism


Christ and the Apostles Mystery and Sun Cults in Christianity
The Church  
Early Islam as Part of the Church
  Talmudic Judaism
  Hadithic Islam
  Modern Heresies
  Modern Witchcraft and Mysticism
  Modern Mysticism in Society
  The Religion of Evolution
Preparing for the End of the Age  
The End of the Age  


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